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September 22, 2011


Kris Chandler

This is getting (getting?) ROUGH. A part of me wants to lay down and die, forget baseball until next March, and enjoy watching the Flying Elvii dominate the NFL.

Another part of me, the part that witnessed the single greatest comeback in baseball history, just wants to root even harder for them. I can't explain it. Logic (and their recent win-loss stats) tells me they're f**ked even if they make it to the post-season. But the diehard in me agrees with your least-favorite blogger when he says this all means nothing, that the post-season is all that matters, even if they careen into the playoffs, wheels aflame, fender dragging behind them, smoke pouring form the engine.

Rather than a Green Day ode, let's break out the Journey - Don't Stop Believin'!

Derek Hixon

I'm not giving that fool any credit, saying these games mean nothing means none of the games mean anything, and if that's the case - what's the point of caring or watching anything in the regular season.

True everyone is 0-0 in the playoffs - but if you enter winning one game a week on average for over a month...well, denying that is like hiding behind a pom-pom.

I'll still watch, root, hope, pray, and keep faith as much I can. But they've done nothing to inspire confidence - I hope like hell they get hot come October......well, if October, but my hope is waning. Love the half-full angle though, I need it!


This just in. The Yankees took a champagne bath last night. Weren't the Sox supposed to be the class of the AL? And Kris you're optimistic on an almost creepy level. 2004 changed only one thing. That you guys finally got over the hump(again I'll add mostly due to the biggest back to back cheaters in baseball history - I'm still waiting for Ortizs explanation on his positive test results) but you still play in the AL East and the Yankees will always be the Yankees and the entire town of Boston is in panic mode. Except for you. Just creepy!
I will say this though. This has been painful even for a Sox hater to watch. Mostly cus I think about how disgusted Derek must be. And a little disgust is fine. But I do feel for you at this point. Truth. This shit is rough. I have been watching NESN and Gammons looks like his dog just died ever game.

Derek Hixon

Erik, for a guy who said he didn't care about the rivalry, baseball, or these games a few weeks ago, you sure seem to now.

Also, for the last time, get over the Steroid Era, your Team was just as bad as any other, the playing field was unevenly even - and you still have the biggest fraud in the game on your Team who'll eventually break a lot of important records, and still maybe make the HOF for some unknown reason, Manny and Papi - once they're done they're done. Bringing this up every time the Sox do bad is juvenile.

That said, congrats (again) on the AL East, it's a tradition I'm certainly sick of, but seems inevitable every year no matter how things unfold.

Sox pitching has really caught up to them, we floated by for awhile but burned out our bullpen in the process. Saying this month's been painful is an understatement. Can't tell if it's just because it's happening now and fresh - but I can't think of a crappier month as a Sox fan. Games yes, but this has been relentless. I still hold onto a sliver of hope for them to make it and catch fire - I'm a fan, if I lose that what's the point. But put it this way, my expectations have dropping faster than the Dow - they've been pathetic.


So. And just hear me out. I've decided we're going to win tomorrow. Seriously. I have decided this. So. Going to happen. So. There's that.


Derek... trust me my friend. My "handle" on The is "ArodDownfallOfTheFranchise." Need I say more? I hate him, and I know from people who have met himt hat he's a complete D-bag. That being said, credit where it's due... He would have been a rare talent anyway, Ortiz would not have. Manny... I'll say he would have been a rare talent as well. But Ortiz makes me sick, because he's viewed as this loveable character, Papi this and that... he's just as big of a fraud as A-Rod... but he's just a nicer guy.

As for your comments about me caring less... I'll give you that. I did say that when the games didnt mean much. The rivalry mid-season has lost alot of intrigue. I mean we play eachother WAY too much. And there all this talk.. ooooh the Sox won 10 straight, or ooooh the Boston Mascre 3.0... none of the games seem to mean ish. Perfect example 2009... you guys won what the first 8? We wont the WS. I'm sure the same could happen next year if the Yanks win the first 10. The only difference is that Boston, despite its sports fortune in recent years is still going to be Panic Town USA with the Sox. Your reporters, beat writers, analysts, talk shows all have a much different aura and outlook on things compared to NY. Anyway I honestly do feel for you... I mean part of me laughs and says wow Derek is prob dying. But the other part is like man, that sucks. So chin up camper.

Kris Chandler

Creepy is being a hardcore Yankee fan and spending all your time trolling a Red Sox blog.

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