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September 24, 2011



I love getting shout outs almost as much ad I lobe getting shut outs. But you really put it to our flame throwing righty today and took care of the shut out part! Simply blazing into Soxtober. Haha
Dude I've made it clear that I actually feel for you and also that I am in just as much shock about this to the point where I almost feel bad. But then you write this "me against the world" article and it has refueled me. :)
Lester is not Lester. It's over. Being realistic. Who do you have that scares anyone right now? I made a minor error in saying we played 3 games. It's 4 and if the Rays who have been choking themselves(I'm in FULL agreement with you there) can win a few games... You guys are done.
I disagree completely with you on the pile on. It's a bad take out of frustration. ESPN is so pro Red Sox it's sickening. Berthiume Gammons(before he left) Van Peldt Erin Andrews and other honks who's name skip me. the reason why it seems people are stomping te Sox is because they DESERVE it!
Face it. Put the hypocrisy down for a moment. I know it's delicious but chill with it. The Sox became who they despised years ago. The Yankees 2.0. And please don't argue because I have plenty of ammo there. They are just as bad without being quite just as bad. And I do emphasize "quite." You became who you hated and whined about for years and then when you went from lovable losers to a prosperous ball club and others started hating you... You whine about that. You JOINED the dark side(speaking of which the complete saga in Blu-ray is sick!) the problem is you guys want your cake and you want to eat that said cake too.
This would be the greatest collapse in sports history. Or equal to the greatest and it's very fitting for panic town USA.
I still think you'll squeak it out and get in but you're going no where. Sorry. Unless everyone does a 180. I doubt that's happening.
Btw I loved the info given about how alot of the Sox players were congratulating the Yankees in 2004 and saying good luck in the WS. That disgusts me on two levels. First level the fact that players in these rivalries are now friends. That disgusts me. Which is why I welcome Martins comments! The same way you have welcomed some of the stunts you guys have pulled over the last decade. And the second reason for my disgust is te fact that your mantra has been "keep the faith". Really? So much that your players congratulated the Yankees? Haha. The hypocrisy is butter thick. Anyway good luck tomorrow. And better luck scoreboard watching :)




I hope you are right. I hope you are right.

Derek Hixon!/SawxBlog/status/117708043877224448

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