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May 02, 2011



Wow. Looks like you buy into this BS. That's too bad.
I'd bet my Yankee fandom that there are some major untruths as to when he died how he died etc. How convenient this has happened during such a down economic time when people question their
Country the most. And how convenient his body was dumped at sea. I read reports he's been dead for 7 years from kidney failure. Naturally CNN denies this. Anyway I for one don't buy this propaganda. I can smell the lies from here. And te sheep heard smells even worse. That being said. How is Game of Thrones?


You know how I know you have a good blog? You have crazy trolls.

Crawford can't catch a break. "Hey guys, you see I had a walk off last night? Guys? Why are you watching my highlight on Sportcenter? Awww, maaaaaann...."


If you were referring to me...I'm not a Troll. I was his College roommate. I'm just a bit of a conspiracy theorist and a Yankees fan. I enjoy reading the Sox perspective, and Dereks views on shit. I might not agree with him on some stuff, but I do appreciate his views. hence why I take the time to check this ish out.

Derek Hixon

Erik, I'm just going to have to disagree with you here. I'd argue people were questioning this country a heck of a lot more say seven years ago then they are now. On the other hand, Game of Thrones is pretty good so far, entertaining at the worst, some of the characters are a little too black and white for me, but it's fun.

Tom, that's pretty damn funny, and good point :) -- Crawford definitely is getting pushed below the fold today, it was pretty awesome to see how supportive all his teammates were though, shows they really care for the guy and really want him to succeed. That, I like.


Peruse this when you get a chance.
Some things are stranger than fiction my friend. That's all I'll say. You can find more info on it, but perhaps that COULD(not saying definitely does) explain why our gov't would mislead us. I mean why arent we in Western Africa mopping up Warlords who destroy families, cut womens breasts off and torture villages? No Oil. Nothing in it for us. I just dont believe this report with Bin Laden is 100% truthful. I guarantee some facts are at the very least "skewed" and most likely distorted to create patriotism in our countries darkest economic hours. Would you rather report Bin Laden is confirmed dead from Kidney failure or that "We Got Him!" ? Thats all I'm sayin. Other than that I respect your viewpoint as well... and I appreciated your perspective with the moving to Boston aspect.


I'm celebrating only a little.

This will be like those corny but great Kung Fu films...someone will "avenge" his death.

Then we will on and so forth. Nonstop.

(The kidney failure rumor is actually becoming louder and might even be somewhat factual. He was dying alreay?)

Derek Hixon

This'll be my last comment here, as I don't want to turn this space too political, but I also didn't want to ignore the news in spite of that.

The strangest thing about the people "celebrating" is that they were mostly college aged, and were all but 10 or 11 when the Towers last stood, with faint memories of that they saw or remember except for the repeated images shown over and over again on TV throughout the years.

This is a generation that has been raised on a 24-hour news cycle of fear, and when this latest piece of news came across the ticker last night they reacted like a bunch of automatons, and cheered for what exactly, victory? Is terrorism dead? This was not our "V-J Day" - this was a victory in a very large battle that has no end in sight because you can't see it. The enemy is everywhere and nowhere, and with their figurehead now gone, it makes the water even murkier than before. Like I wrote earlier, I think it's good that we found Bin Laden and I'm thankful by the effort of the individuals in the military, I just question the reaction from certain people, as it kinda creeps me out.


The figurehead has been gone for years. The idea of him being alive hasnt been. Long ago are the days of "bring his head to me on a pike." Now the days are... Go over there... hang out for 10 years hunting him down, and when you finally get him... dump him in the ocean. Sorry. I dont buy it. Not for a second. I buy that hes dead, I just dont buy the details.

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