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December 10, 2010


John Torge

typical east coast bias. The yankees sox rivalry is weak because the yankees have dominated for so long. It aint a rivalry why 1 team constantly cleans house. The redsox are the little stepchild in that relationship. Want a real rivalry? Try giants dodgers I know you guys dont stay up past your weak little bedtimes and getting put to sleep by the crappy sox, but check that one out. In case you guys didnt know because you didnt make the playoffs the dodgers are from Los angeles and the Giants just won the world series


You forgot more people, think about it stupid

Erik, The Emperor, Flexington


I have to chime in here. Remember all those years I trashed Beantown fans for their blatant hypocrisy and insensate whining? All the years you and others told me and every other Yankee fan we were full of sh*t? Yeah well, your attitude(as well as the attitude of every other Sox fans) here kind of confirms my viewpoints. Do you know how often we as Yankee fans have to hear the bitching out of every other sports market... We buy everything this, and our history doesn't count that. It's sickening. My comment has always been that ANY team with the means to do it, and the proper owner would. And now it's happened... and you know what? Good. I love it. But I am nauseated at listening to Sox fans cheer about it failing to mention the decade + of complaining they participated in. You guys get so many freaking passes it's downright BS. NO one will complain about this even 1/100th the amount they complain about the Yankees. Partly due to the fact you guys dont have the history of winning we do. But in recent years you sure have been good, so whats the difference? I mean you guys just paid Crawford the highest contract in history to an outfielder. his speed & defense is not going to be fully realized int hat short left, and he's never hit 20 hrs. he'll be a great addition to the team, but you guys overspent BIG TIME. You guys are now what you swore you'd never be. You are what you hate. The Yankees. You just wear Red and play in a cozy ballpark. Trying to convince yourself any different is simply to kid yourself.

Welcome to the Evil Empire. PS the Yankees not getting Lee(which by the way I definitely saw coming) should make this year even more interesting.

PPS. The comment above by good ol' "John Torge" simply cements my points about how West Coast baseball fans are retarded. I literally cant have a baseball convo for more than 1 minute with any fans out here. I'm pretty sure us "East Coast" fans know a bit about the Giants & the Dodgers considering they originated in NY you tool. Hysterical.

Erik, The Emperor, Flexington

In addition... I will concur with your thoughts on how we care more about our teams in Ny and Boston than other markets. In the Tri-State area... Baseball is INFUSED in the way of life. When I'm walking in NYC I can feel the Yankees. It's larger than life. In comparison the Dodgers? Cant hold a candle. You dont feel the Dodgers in LA. They are almost a side show. And thats a franchise with serious history. Even the Lakers out here, are just a "show" hence why they call those fools the "Lakeshow." <----- retarded. Baseball is life in NY & Boston. And the reason why the sport is dying in ratings, and now taking a back seat to Football and soon to be Basketball... is due to the fact that other fans dont LIVE & DIE with their teams. I dont know one Dodgers fan that watches every game on TV... even with a legendary announcer like Scully. I live in LA, and I still watch almost every Yankee game, or DVR it. it's just part of me. even though I must admit in recent years... the Yankees have lost some appeal in comparison to how I used to be. The rivalry between the Sox and the Yankees took a big hit in my eyes. Players talking to each other, smiling... friends.... it doesnt sit well with me. but the sport has changed... thats another reason it's losing popularity. We live in a high action, immediate gratification society. I mean people watch "Bridoplasty" for gods sake. The watering down of societal intelligence, in my opinion is why the greatest game is losing ground. It's thinking mans game. Ugh makes me sick to think about it. Lets hope the Yankees and Sox have a few brawls and renw this hatred. It was much more fun in the 90's-mid 2000's.

Jimmy Jax

I just added your blog to my bookmarks, but then read a bit more of it and immediately sent it to the trash. The Red Sox care more about their team? That's the conclusion?

I always tried to give Boston fans the benefit of the doubt as provincial also-rans with delusions of grandeur, but your article just about ended that. Try using some stats, make a compelling argument based on facts, teach us something. If you don't like it screw you isn't a very interesting thesis.

**** you and **** the Red Sox and their two steroid fueled titles.

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