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October 27, 2009



one of the best posts i have read on here through the years.It's exactly how i feel right now.


I truly hope that Irina makes it to the end and loses ;) Oh wait, we're talking about baseball :)

I think the matchup is about as even as it could be, with the weakness being the middle relievers. I live in NJ so I am in a bind...I don't want either team to win because each group will be equally annoying. I think I'm shying towards the Phils, mostly because I'd love to see my whole office moping around the whole off season because A-Clod blew it.


Phillies in six. Agree with M@ last was priceless, Priceless!, seeing the shock and despondence on the faces of all the Yankee fans in the office in 2004 (I work in mid-town Manhattan). Would like to see that again.


While I wont guarantee any WS victories against this particular opponent... I will say you are asking for alot. I see Pedro as more of a NL style pitcher now. The yankees always got to him in the past, even when he was the best pitcher in baseball, and I'd be surprised if he doesnt give up at least 3 or 4 runs and get run out of the game before the 7th. Not shocked... but surprised.
If anything is destiny... it would be the first season in the New House... and yet another Championship. That would shut you Boston clowns ;) up a bit, and maybe remind you of the reality of it all. Nothing was changing permanently. And the Yankees(barring that flop in 2004) always seem to get the numbers when they need them... get the drama when they need it... and pull things out in improbable fashions. You out of all people should know that. And as much as you'd like to lump this team in the with the previous 5 or 6 years teams... it's just not. We have a legit Stud for a Ace. Arod(And you hate this guy far too much... You dont watch every game and listen to every post game like I do... as much as I am not huge fan of his... he really has seemed to change. It's not just an act. People can change. if you are going to hate him for mashing and being a Yankee then so be it) anyway Arod is destroying all things made of white leather and red stitching. And this team has more chemistry then even your 2004 squad did... and thats factual.
Again... we are playing the Phillies... who are quite worthy... so to tell you the truth... if we do lose... I would be hurt, but not crushed to the point of no return. But I dont expect that to happen.
And lastly - despite how "bad for baseball" everyone thinks the Yankees are... as ratings show - love em or hate em - the Yankees are tremendous for baseball and are baseball as much as baseball is baseball. game 6, even with the atrocious post season scheduling and rain outs... got a 21 rating nationally, which is remarkable during a football sunday. In NY it got a 26+ rating.

Enjoy the games :) Oh and I have to admit the alarm waking you up with that exact phrase is so funy to me in a friendly sort of way. The same way i laughed at the picture of the "steal" you had up in the picture accompanying this article.

PS. We had that 1918 chant for 86 years...25 of which I was alive for... You had that awesome "Year 2000" chant for how long? What will be the next chant? I now what mine will be! haha hopefully.


Phillies in 5. Pedro dominates. CC Fatassia flails in Game 1. A-Rod does not flail, but still does not get his ring. Jimmy Rollins comes alive. Cliff Lee goes 7-strong, giving up 1 run...

Derek Hixon

After Game 1 of the 2009 World Series "The Curse of the A-Rod" is in full effect.

0-4 3 K's

Love it.


Seriously how do you go from Chris Robinson to gay-rod?

Those pics you have linked say it ALL!


Haha Derek... you and Kris are hysterical. A-rod is going up against LEE who no one was hitting... and A really good Pedro throwing slow and slower stuff tonight. Come back after game 3 and 4 and then talk. You know deep down in your hearts you are fearing this 27th... your root root rooting with all your might, but your waiting for that other shoe to drop. The Boston curse... it will never go away. love it ;)
On another note... thanks for the Happy Birthday guys... Good to see we can separate fandom from reality, even during the WS in which the Yankees are playing and the Sox are playing Golf. haha.

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