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July 30, 2009



What a shock. Not rubbing salt int he wound, but maybe Sox fans will shut up about 04. Your two big boppers - the ones that killed us - Juicers. This is disappointing. Nothing is real. For any team. A joke.

While I'm happy about this, naturally... sorry you had to hear this crap D. It always sucks. Giambi - Aroid.... same thing.

Real Fake Sports

I have no comment. What happened to "suspend steroid users for a full year?" Can't say I am overly surprised, but I wish baseball could get over this crap.

Red Sox Nation Trying to Retroactively Legalize Steroids in 2003 (Satire)

Real Fake Sports

Sorry, here's the link.


From, one of my favorite sports blogs:

We don’t know who was on what, or when, which makes these “revelations” completely worthless. Is Big Papi’s legacy in question now? It depends; do you assume that every pitcher he faced in 2003 was clean? Do you assume that only a select few of Ortiz’s rival hitters were illegally medicated? It doesn’t seem to matter now, because “lawyers with knowledge of the results” decided to point the invisible finger at Ortiz, and outlets like the New York Times and ESPN are going to suck that finger until milk comes out of it.

This whole thing is just out of hand. You can’t stick the syringe back in baseball’s ass and suck all the PEDs out of the game, and yet that’s what everyone covering the game is trying to do, and will continue to do, even as these guys become eligible for the hall. How can you point a finger and ostracize one guy when, as far as anyone knows, everyone sharing the field with him could be doing the exact same thing?

Derek Hixon

Still sorting all my thoughts, Francona just said he expects Ortiz to deal with this "head-on" so we'll see.

Post pending for later tonight.

Karim Garcia

About fucking time.

Derek Hixon

LOL! Mad props to Karim, that's pretty damn funny.

Johnny Rat

I'm a life long Yankees fan & my dad is a life long Sox fan. I am well versed in the history & rivalry. We've had a great 30 years of trading barbs. This one was just sad all around. I love when we crush the Sox (I'm not one to spare any Red Sucks fan), but I have always respected the Red Sox players (other than Schilling "Jesus"). Fred Lynn, Yaz, Evans & all the guys from my youth up to Youk, Lowell, etc. I couldn't take any joy in this though. It was just shitty all the way around. I like a good clean rivalry. The Yankees have had their share of cheats & now the Sox have too. I wanted to bust my dad's balls about returning the rings from '04. How could a point a finger with Giambi, A'Roid, Clemens, et al?

My dad still refers to Bucky as "Bucky fucking Dent" all these years later. Good times. Tiant, Guidry, etc.

This shit sucks now.

Derek Hixon

I agree 100% with you Johhny, this is just another bad mark on baseball in general. My good fried Erik (a Yankee fan) did point out to me how Sox fans are even a little "lucky" with Papi since so many other player have already been outed, he won't get the same degree of razzing that guys like Bonds, Giambi, and Sheffield had to endure.


Asked about the 2003 drug test on Thursday in Boston, Ortiz told the Times. “I’m not talking about that anymore,” lol lol

poker online

It's a shame to see more and more people that use steroids is sport. I can't get over the fact that even Alberto contador used them. I do't know what more to expect.

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