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September 21, 2008



Classy, and particularly well written.
It's kind of surreal for me watching this right now. I could only imagine being there in person. Did you watch the whole pregame ceremony and all that? Pretty nuts.



Yeah, watching this game right now, it doesn't even feel like a game. It kind of feels like some really, really long parade, or, maybe, like when Nixon resigned.

Derek Hixon

Yeah the pre-game ceremonies were very nice. I grew up watching just as many Yankee as Red Sox games, and it's definitely a little sad even for RSN to see the place go. So much history leaves, no matter how nice, or how alike the new stadium is.

And Bill, great description, it's like being on Church Street on the fourth, except it's more blue, and there's less lawn chairs.

(PS - On the Nixon tip "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72" is next on my to read list....if that matters)

Rays Fan: Red Sox - Yankees (Just the Facts)

Red Sox - Yankees (JUST THE FACTS)
I just want to start out by saying I am a huge Rays fan and I can't stand either the Yankees or the Red Sox. However, with the closing of Yankee Stadium last night I thought it relevant to shed some light (facts only - no opinion) on the two most overpaid franchises in sports history.

First of all Red Sox fans get a clue you guys have sucked for like 90 years while having a huge payroll... At least the Yankees have won 26 world championships and 4 in the last 15 years along with 6 AL Pennants. Keep in mind Jeter (yes - he is overpaid), Posada, Pettitte & Rivera have twice as many championships in their careers as you have won in 90 years. I mean lets get serious being obnoxious and acting like idiots because you have won 2 championships in 4 years does not make you a DYNASTY!! Heck, the Marlins (97 & 03) and the Twins (87 & 91) both won two championships during the last 21 years.

Anyway, in fairness to both franchises I have created a quick snapshot (INFORMATION BELOW) of the Red Sox and the Yankees starting in 1992 (when both teams stunk and 3 years before Jeter) until yesterday 9-21-08... (JUST THE FACTS) - please note I have included 2008 because obviously the Red Sox are going to be the Wild Card and the Yankees (injuries or not) have been lousy. I have also included 1994 for the Yankees because they had the best record in the American League at the time of the strike. BY THE WAY SOX FANS IT HAS BEEN FUN KICKING YOUR BUTTS ALL SEASON LONG!!

YANKEES (92 TO 9/20/08): 1,569-1,106 = .587
RED SOX (92 to 9/20/08): 1,462-1,217 = .546

YANKEES (92 to 9-20-08): Avg Division Rank = 1.53
RED SOX (92 to 9-20-08): Avg Division Rank = 2.71

YANKEES (92 to 9-20-08): Post Season = 14 years out of 17 years = 82.4%
RED SOX (92 to 9-20-08): Post Season = 7 years in 17 years = 41.2% (includes 08)

YANKEES (92 to 9-20-08): Division Champs = 11 times in 17 years = 64.7%
RED SOX (92 to 9-20-08): Division Champs = 2 times in 17 years = 11.8%

YANKEES (92 to 9-20-08): Al Pennants = 6 in 17 years = 35.3%
RED SOX (92 to 9-20-08): AL Pennants = 2 in 17 years = 11.8% (NO in 08... even with payroll)

YANKEES (92 to 9-20-08): World Champs = 4 in 17 years = 23.5%
RED SOX (92 to 9-20-08): World Champs = 2 in 17 years = 11.8%

During the last 17 years the Red Sox have finished ahead of the Yankees in the standing only 3 times (95, 07 & 08)!!!!

Yankees versus the Red Sox head-to-head during the last 17 years:
Yankees lead 139 to 118 a winning percentage of 54.1%!!!!

The Yankees have won the season series 12 of the last 16 years (including 05, 06 & 07) with 2008 undecided because they have 3 games left and the Red Sox lead 8 games to 7 right now.

Post Season History: Yankees Lead 12 to 7 (at least the Red Sox have 2004)
1999 American League Championship Series, Yankees won 4 games to 1
2003 American League Championship Series, Yankees won 4 games to 3
2004 American League Championship Series, Red Sox won 4 games to 3

Again I find the fans of both teams obnoxious... However, at least the overpaid Yankees have reason to be obnoxious. By the way Red Sox fans you guys have always cried that the Yankees payroll is to high... meanwhile you have by far the second highest payroll in baseball and paid $50,000,000 for a player who had never pitched a game in the majors. I understand of course it was a great move but... how can any other teams compete with that ridiculous bid. Last year's World Series was a joke what was the Rockies payroll compared to yours... less then half!!!! Anyway, I look forward to hearing the comments of both the Yankees and the Red Sox fans!

Derek Hixon

Dear Rays Fan,

I'm really not too sure what you're trying to accomplish with your post? Your decision to choose 1992-2008 to compare the two teams is baffling, plus you're not even talking about or comparing your "favorite" team. I mean you chose a 17 year span. Way too random, especially when your "favorite team" wasn't even born until 1998. If you chose 1998-2008 that'd make sense on a lot more levels and be a nice solid decade.If you do look at the past 10 years the Red Sox have been in the playoffs 6/10 years and won it all 2/6. Show me ONE franchise who wouldn't want those numbers? Or shoot, if you just compared Sox/Rays stats for this year that'd make a lot more sense.

Secondly, you can't bitch about the payrolls. Baseball doesn't have a cap, so you have to deal with it. If your town (Tampa/St.Pete? seriously pick one) can't support a team, then TOO BAD, you shouldn't have fought for it in the first place. How much $$$ have the Sox and Yanks given to the Rays over the years through revenue sharing? Your ownership and management has been awful until the last two years. And you can't hate on us having a fan base, sorry but we've had teams for over a 100 years, our fan bases are deeper and more passionate yours ever will, and that not being obnoxious, that's just (wait for it......) the facts. Maybe you'd have more money if you had more then 5,000 people at a game? Sh!t, in the thick of a pennant race against the Sox you can't even sell-out with Sox fans filling 1/2 the stadium.

And since you're all about "the facts", how about this quote of yours.

"meanwhile you have by far the second highest payroll in baseball"

More like the fourth highest there bud, visit this link to view "the facts" -->

As far as all the other facts, I have no clue what you're trying to accomplish, and if you AREN'T a Yankee fan you're so on the outside of all the Red Sox/Yankees stuff that it's laughable and I don't really care what a Devil Ray fan thinks about the Red Sox and Yankees in the past 17 years. They've both been successful, and they've both averaged better winning % then you've even sniffed until this year.

In the end you and your brand spankin' new blog, which you've only started because the Rays are going to to finish over .500 for the first time ever (fact), are just hating more on the Red Sox then the Yankees right now because the Yankees are out of it, and the Rays are battling the Red Sox.

I appreciate the stats and all, but make them relevant to what's going on, especially when this post was me, a Red Sox fan, paying homage to the Yankees and their stadium. Think about this fact, if the Red Sox win it all this year (not saying they are) they'll be only 1 WS win away from matching as many as the Yankees have won since 1978. If you want to brag about championships won in the 20's, 30's, 40's, & 50's then by all means you can live over half a century in the past, I'll stay contemporary in my focus.



The b@lls on that guy! While I agree with most of your rebuttle Derek... I have to comment on two things(I will refrain from commenting on the "Rays" fans comments... cus most of his argument is ridiculous)

"Secondly, you can't bitch about the payrolls. Baseball doesn't have a cap, so you have to deal with it."

No offense chief.. but you complained about payroll ALOT in college. haha Sox fans ALWAYS complained about payroll until you started being competitive and winning. Then it was ok. And your payroll does not include the 50 million dropped just to negotiate with Dice-K. We both know you can tack that right on the actual #.

The other thing.. is the RIDICULOUS right Sox fans feel they have to discredit or conveniently forget about any championships before 1979. Ok now to me... THAT is a random year. Almost as random as "Rays" fans 17 year span.

Everyone bends the facts to suit their argument. For you, a Sox fan... of COURSE you are going to say that.

How about we just say Al pennants. OR we can say winning seasons, or playoff spots, or WS appearances?

While I have to tip my cap to the Sox organization for finally jumping the hurdle, and surpassing the Yankees in so many areas... I still have to say NO comparison. I mean that from as un-biased a position as I can possibly take.

Until you win 3 in a row, and come one out away from 4 in a row and dominate for the next 5 or 6 years... then I will continue to believe that.

Again... I am absolutely admitting the Sox are a better run organization right now. They make more with the talent they have. They have better scouting. A better farm system, which comes from the scouting. And You guys have won 2 WS(against terrible teams, but albeit you did sweep them both) since we have won. So I have no issue admitting we suck for the ammount of payroll we have.

13 yr run over.

Again good poem... and I just couldnt resist adding my two cents... because hearing trash talk from a Rays fan is HILARIOUS right now. Talk about forgetting how terrible a teams history has been! I thought Sox fans were bad ;)

However, that being said... go RAYS. Go Cubs.

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