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October 11, 2007



Holy. Crap.
I will be reposting this on my blog, to get the word out, if you don't mind.

Derek Hixon

Please do, I just sent you an e-mail too, I think we need to unite on this one, completely unprofessional on their part...

Peter N.

I agree, so much. But Derek, this is nothing new, is it? I go back way too many years! Peter


This is pretty ridiculous. I'd would love to see someone in the Globe or even better yet...Fox25 undercover or something lol... a hold of this stuff. Could be a pretty awesome article/story.

This schmuck is just lucky that it was a little blog running the story and not a massive media organization.

Derek Hixon

Well that may change, I sent this out to a lot of blogs and major media...


I would recommend sending this to Fox, I watch their news getting ready in the morning, after work and at sometimes night. All day yesterday (and this morning) their poll question was "How much would you pay for tickets?" and ran several 5 minute stories about brokers and how much tickets were. You may want to check out and find the section on their website that talked about the tickets.

Derek Hixon

Sent a link to the story to them....we'll see.

da boss

So long as there is a demand for tickets there will always be someone willing to sell them for a profit, no matter how much legal trouble they could get themselves into, I mean just look at drug dealers. (of course right now for ticket re-sellers there really appears to be no legal worry what so ever.)

Unfortunately this will never change and while it pisses me off to see tickets at 1000%+ mark up, if people are going to buy them what can you do. Maybe if the legal process got involved and capped ticket profits at 100% mark-up, then the most a $100 ticket could cost is $200. You are now not putting these hardworking scalpers out of business and you are allowing more "true" fans access. but who knows this city has more important things to do such as monitoring the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's infiltration into this cities core infrastructure.

The part of this that really annoyed me from a professional point of view is the attitude of one of Higs employees Jim. For one you are in a business that probably 90% of the populace considers shady, you need to have tougher skin and not strike back like a scared little child, I guess you skipped the part of pre-school where they taught you "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me." It's ok little guy they are just words, but now here is where you screwed up quite badly, your clients are the public and you just did the most unprofessional thing an employee could do which was verbally attack (in writing no less) a potential client base.

Not sure what type of fallout will happen to poor Jim, a screw up like that in most lines of work result in someone looking for a new job, or in some sad companies a promotion. I don't fault Higs's company for re-selling tickets at an obscene cost, if it wasn't him it would be someone else, and I've seen his commercials.. look at all those happy smiling kids in the background who get to go to fenway and that's without tapping into their trust fund.

Derek Hixon

Well put boss.

If there's a demand, and if people are willing to pay, then people will be selling. There does have to be some sort of cap, and the people who sell tickets (some for the W.S. as you pointed out are going for over $15,000!!!) for an exorbitant profit can't feel that great about it.

There needs to be a legal cap to allow the people the right to attend events that are now very white collar.

Red Sox games aren't meant for just Senators and Business owners, it's also meant for the guys that build the buildings these people work in. The blue collar, the cranks, the fans. Not the Jake Gyllenhaal's of the world...

Sean a.k.a Shizz

Thanks for the support, guys.

I have to say "da boss" made some excellent points. His post was articulate and further demonstrates my point in the initial writing about relating getting tickets from brokers is akin to a person's choice to gamble; and the fact that why they do is questionable, but not illegal or even wrong when it comes to our society....sort of like Rick Ankiel taking HGH before it was outlawed by MLB, or the fact people still celebrated Barry Bonds' record even after what was revealed about him. Its wasn't illegal to take at the time for both, but it still is shady (and cheating).

Actually, the whole ticket brokering thing is QUITE capitalistic and even somewhat American (although I'm talking bad American values here; the kind that made Bill Gates a gazillionaire)!

The thing that irks me the most (and it's not Baghdad Higs) is the fact that it seems as if the state wants nothing to do with helping consumers out and putting more pressure on the issue. The Pats have been doing their best with this, but understand the loopholes involved in the legislature as well as the strong lawyers on the other side (which are paid for by those who buy tickets on these sites).

Plus the fact that sporting event tickets are viewed as a luxury doesn't help the public cause either. We arn't talking about water or electricity, here. I don't even mind that white collar fans can get to the ballpark; I just want them to be paying EMC prices for EMC tickets, not EMC prices FOR grandstand seats. Because then it affects the price for the standing room/bleacher/pole in the face seat guy (i.e, us).

I wrote that article not only to point a little fun at the commerical (which is silly), but also the whole fiasco that is ticket "brokering".

And ticket reselling isn't even a totally bad thing, as evidenced by scalp-free zones as well by individual ppl over at the CL, even if its for a little profit.

Tickets in general need to regulated more so fans, blue and white collar, have a chance to get tickets at a REASONABLE price; don't sell tickets at 2625% more than what they should be. Plus, if you read the article, when discussing the Green Monster ticket on the stand, one of the Higs people claimed it wasn't on them because they were just a "buffer" between the seller and the buyer. The guy claimed they didn't actually KNOW the seller.

Well if you claim to NOT know the seller, then how can you verify the validity of said ticket you are overselling? What if the ticket is fake, or stolen; and you don't offer a refund? Can we just sit there and let Red Sox consumers take eventual rollings for tickets? My friend's grandfather bought tickets from a scalper years ago to take us to a game and paid the price and embarrassment of learning the bad news. And it was a good thing he was with little kids, otherwise the Sox wouldn't have been as nice to us to still let us in the ballpark.

It's wrong and thats how I feel, and someone telling me to go F*ck myself won't change my view.

Peter N.

Well said Sean.

This is America

Limited supply, Higher demand. Please check your basic supply and demand graph to find results. This is America not USSR, socialists. A ticket is a luxury item not a neccessity. Just as Nike sneakers are made for $2.00 and sold for $75-100. Think about your jobs, if yours paid 35K/year, then came time for a raise and your employer figured well his output isnt worth 35K, but 20K is, you would be angry. On the flip side, if you think your output is worth 55K, you would find an employer who agrees and hires you for that much. Now you are happy. Now apply that to tickets, a luxury item not a neccessity. If there are 31000 tickets available and 2 million people want to go, what do you think will happen. The people who are most willing to pay the highest to satisfy their wants will get the ticket. Look at oil, America, China, India love oil and will continue to buy it. As supply decreases, demand is still high, prices rise. Free Market Economics, a beautiful thing.


I am writing in response to an email from "Jim" at Higs Tickets. I am the owner of Higs Cityside Tickets and have never employed anyone named "Jim". No one from my office knew of this email nor of the blog until I brought it to their attention. It is unfortunate that this email was sent and that the sender lied about his affilitation with Higs Tickets. The only Jim that I know in this industry is the owner of Ace Ticket, which is a sponsor of your website. I feel confident that he would not send a bogus email but somedbody obviously did. I agree that there are some very "shady" characters in our industry. Higs Cityside Tickets' primary concern is customer service and satisfaction and we take pride in our company's reputation.

I, as well as many of you, am frustrated with the current laws being so outdated. This year we spent tens of thousands of dollars to succesfully represent ourselves in a frivolous lawsuit.

It is interesting to note that Higs Cityside Tickets(a company with four employees) is being compared to the likes of Stub Hub and Ace Ticket which employ over 2,500 & 75 employees, respectively. I believe this points to the fact that we have grown as a company due to, in part, our high rate of repeat customers.

I welcome any comments or questions and am easily accessible by email or phone 1-877-SOX-TIXX.

John J. Higgins
Higs Cityside Tickets

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