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October 17, 2007



We're not out thats for sure. It's not better than watching back to back to back home runs. I envy you because you get to goto Fenway and see these guys, I can only imagine what that feeling is like seeing it live. I mean I saw em at Camden Yards but it's not the same.

I believe the Red Sox can come back and win. We just need every Red Sox fan to believe.

* Also might help if we could get some fricken pitching going JESUS CHRIST WE'RE SUPPOSE TO HAVE THE BEST PITCHERS IN MLB.

- Troy

Derek Hixon

Trust me, I don't ever lose sight of the fact that I'm beyond lucky to be able to walk home from a Red Sox game, I'm very thankful for that.

I'm going to enjoy every game from here on out as much as I can because, well, it may be the last time I see the Red Sox play in a long, long time, and seeing them play is one of my favorite things to do.

Trust me, it's not easy being optimistic, but it sure beats the alternative.

Sean a.k.a Shizz

If there is one guy I'd want my season on the line with, at least it's Josh Beckett in Game 5.

Derek Hixon

Beckett's the guy you'd want for sure. We have a big uphill battle ahead of us, but there's a reason you have to win 4 games, and until the Indians do that we're still in it.



- Troy"

Really? That's a mighty powerful statement.


"If there is one guy I'd want my season on the line with, at least it's Josh Beckett in Game 5.

If there's one person I'd want, it's Josh Beckett in Game 4.

Derek Hixon

Hey Nocaster's back when and when the Sox are struggling! Big surprise there...

And as far as the mighty statement from Troy, yes we are supposed to have the best pitching staff in baseball, the numbers don't lie.

Sean a.k.a Shizz

Obv Nocaster wants Beckett in Game 4, because that's probably the only time the Indians have a more than 50% chance to beat him is on 3 days rest.

By the way, you're not going to believe this, but not only did I get heads up in a poker toruney last night and finished in second due to "Gagne832" (kid you not) hitting a 2 outer on the river, Drew and Crisp just made consecutive outs to end the inning.

Sean a.k.a Shizz

BTW, a email in Simmons' latest Game4 blog gives us another reason to dislike Higs and other scalpers in this great point about Game 2:

"As reader Nathaniel in Brooklyn, N.Y., points out, 'I had the good fortune of getting a seat in the first row in the bleachers behind the Sox bullpen on Saturday for Game 2. The crowd was about as enthusiastic as a D-Rays game in April. You can blame it on the cold and the late start, but I'll blame it on the ticket policies (I'll admit I was tempted to scalp my ticket after looking at online auction sites) and the fact everyone around me was 65-plus years old or wearing a pink hat. A good way to warm yourself up is to stand in a group of people and support your team ... loudly."

Derek Hixon

That is freaking hilarious..."Gagne832", silly Canadians. :-)


a) I said nothing negative.

b) Hey, the Sox are still playing and the Yanks are trying to figure out whether or not to fire their manager. Don't get all defensive on me - lol

c) Shizz, you misunderstood my man. I was saying Tito should have pitched him last night because I think he would have done better than 5 runs over 4.2

d) Derek, are you saying that your starting rotation is anything other than Beckett, Beckett, Beckett right now? The Sox have no 2, for a 1-2 punch.

Tito needed to have Beckett start 3 games to have a chance in this series. You know it, and I know it.


Your freaking arrogant bastards! You ARE the new Yankees, and I can't wait to see the crowd shots of Red Sux nation as they go down to yet another team with more heart, and less money. The looks of "how could this happen?" and "We are better than you." Keep on buying your way into the playoffs and looking at other teams as your minor league system, and we'll keep laughing as you and the Yankees drop out year after year to team that still play for the love of the game.

Derek Hixon

Alan, What did I write that was arrogant? Am I supposed to give up on my team and not root for them anymore since they're down 3-1?

I didn't disrespect the Indians or their fans, you on the other hand have some hate and anger management to take care of.

Derek Hixon

Nocast - I'm saying that the Red Sox statistically heading into the playoffs have the best rotation heading into the playoffs.

Schilling had 1 not so good start so now all of a sudden he sucks?

If he gets to pitch in Game 6 in Fenway then I'd feel pretty good. And then if we're lucky enough for a Game 7 in Boston all bets are off, because Game 7's throw everything out the window.


Derek, come on man, be realistic. Schilling's got nothing left in the tank, and I'm not just talking this season.

And I hear ya about game 7...If it gets that far, I'm pretty sure you'll see Beckett in an all-hands-on-deck scenario. Which begs the question, if Tito is willing to put the season in Beckett's hands on 2 days rest, then why didn't he do the same on 3 days rest?

Sorry, but if I were a sox fan, I'd be pretty peaved at Tito right about now.

Just saying.

Derek Hixon

Just two starts ago Schilling pitched 7.0 IP giving up no runs...I'm just saying.

And as far as Tito I'm still mad about he used the bullpen in Game 2, the Beckett thing I understand, and Wakefield actually pitched pretty decent it was the bullpen, and more specifically Delcarmen who blew it for us, and he looked lights out before last night. Goes to show you any given playoff game there could be a new hero or goat...

Erik Shwanson

Well Well Well. It's great to see Sox fans no turning on their team for once. I guess 2004 will do that to ya!
Anyway... if you guys win Thursday... i wouldn't doubt if you can will the next two at home, BUT it would be nice for you guys to have a starter last more than 4 2/3.. especially starters from japan that were dramatically overpaid.

But I'm not one to talk.. look what happened to us(Yanks) last series. Same shit. Petitte=MAN the rest... JUNK.

But if you guys lose... You're JUST as bad as the Yanks. ANYONE, even the Yanks who have been pitiful vs the Angels could have beaten that Pink eyed, broken shouldered, bum kneed team. ANYONE. No No. JUST as bad. Huge Payroll.... and losing to a hungry younger team.

Good luck to ONLY Derek.. the rest of you can take a walk. haha... But like I said.. if Beckett mans up Thurs(and I'm sure he will to some extent) AND you guys win. Then think very positive.

By the way... maybe "Man-Ram" can NOT pose after HR's that cut the lead to 7-3 in the 7th. What a clown.

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