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September 19, 2007



I didn't want Gagne from the start. I can't even tell you how much I LOATHE him right now, but I have to make one correction to your post...

He has had a clean inning. In fact, he had one on Sunday night vs. the Yankees. He came in and pitched three up, three down with two pop ups and a strike out. The difference? The Sox were down. When he comes into games for a save situation he BLOWS.

I'm in on some theory that he's being paid by the Yankees or another team to f' up so bad. Seriously, what other reason could there be? Can anyone REALLY suck that bad?

Derek Hixon

Yeah I think that I forgot about that inning 'cause I was on the Patriot side of the television at that point in the night (the Jeter HR definitely took some wind out of my sails).


Every time I see that fat f*ck get on the mound, my heart sinks. Thing is, we all know he sucks, including Terry. I realize the Japanese wonderkids aren't at their best at the moment, but the bullpen is still pretty deep even removing Gagne from the equation. Go to Tavarez, go to Del Carmen, go to the guy wearing the Sox cap in the bleachers. Hell, even Terry pitched an inning once, didn't he? Just please please please don't give that moron the ball again unless it's in an exhibition game against a home for retired syphillitic sailors.

Can anyone explain what Terry was thinking?


I tried warning you yesterday about my superstition. You can't ignore it, you must break it. Every game for the remainder of the season must be watched together at the Ave. You boldly predicted 2 victories last night, but what I saw last night was 2 losses and both divisions in danger of being taken away. I mean both of these teams had a 6 1/2 game lead last Wednesday.

Sean a.k.a Shizz

Eric Gagne sucks donkey balls. Not only has he cost me an otherwise fun weekend in Baltimore, and single handedly lost us 4 games this year.....he's also messed with Okajima's timing as well, IMO (as evidenced by that Friday night game in Baltimore in late August). Tito has no idea, or faith, who to bring in the 8th now. Delcarmen isn't ready (although is a great "strikeout when you need it" guy in the 7th), Bryan Corey is too green, Hansen is mentally cooked in this town and will be trade bait for next year, and Tavarez (who has never done well in pitching in short relief late game pressure situations, anyways) is competing with Buchholz, IMO, to be the 4th starter because Wake has struggled and we have no idea about Dice-K.

Speaking of Clay, today is the day we find out what the kid is all about. Its not often you say that Toronto and the Red Sox are playing the biggest game of the season, but today is. BTW, how about Toronto's young starting ptiching? They finally could be something good for next year, but health is a big issue.

If Clay pitches well, he should be the 4th starter instead of the susprise bullpen phenom in the playoffs. The team is gassed and needs new life from someone like him.

The only other solution is if you are having such a problem with the set up role, that maybe you put Clay there and have Tavarez as the 4th starter, keeping Wakefield (provided he has 2 more crappy starts) as a very valuable mop up guy (remember the good job he did in that Game 3 vs NY in 2004...he took one for the team and pitched very well in Game 4 too. That part of the staff shouldn't be understated).

Oh and by the way Manny Ramirez, whenever you are ready to stop eating sunflower seeds and joke it up in the clubhouse, we could KIND of use your bat in the lineup right now.

Stop taking bong hits and slacking and start hitting homeruns, K? THX.

Derek Hixon

I heard on WEEI this morning that Remy was saying that the front office is leaning towards having Beckett be #1, Dice-K #2, & Schilling #3, and [__insert_name_here__] #4 which makes no sense to me.

Also, I'm officially trying to rally the troops together to go to the Avenue for the game tonight so if you're reading this, you're invited.

Jim Hodges

Gagne got 2 quick outs then began his downward spiral. Francoma set him up to fail when he did not react to get him out of the game. Francoma then lied to the media with the excuse that by leaving him in the game would uncover his value to the team when in fact Francoma again demonstrated that HE actually offers no value to the team as a manager.


Gagne was the greatest trade we didnt make. So much for ripping the yanks in years past for buying a championship. Its not so easy is it. Keep up the good work Oki and Gagne

Erik Flexington Steel Johnson

I a going on record saying "yanksnations" is NOT me. However I will agree with him whole heartedly. If you guys lose tonight(and it's tied 1-1 as i type this, and we win... Whoa. I think more than a panic button will be needed.


Lemme just be the first to say that Terry Francona has no ball whatsoever. He's the master of playing percentages (which any fool can do in baseball if you have the stats present)I mean how many mistakes has he ALLOWED them to make. I mean really, would anyone on this planet or in this universe want to pitch to Derek Jeter instead of Bobby Abreu with the game on the line.......I REST MY CASE. Atleast we'll get the wildcard.


Go Yanks!

Loved today's article man. Good stuff.

Don't know if you remember me from your forums or not, but I'm still wondering why BoSox fans haven't run Manny out of town yet.

2nd year in a row he's pulled a disappearing act with the division on the line. How do you guys let him off the hook?

In any event, I'm eagerly awaiting your next article. I don't blame you for slamming your hand on that button right about now. I would be.



I can't understand why the Redsox picked up Gagne. He just came off having a surgery, and didn't have a proven track record for Texas this year.

When acquiring new players during the season teams really need to ask "Does getting this player make our team better right NOW?" and the answer to that question in regards to Gagne was no.. he wouldn't make the team better now.. Maybe next year when he's 100% and not coming off of an injury ..

We should be used to the heartbreak by now, we should, but you know, it still hurts.

as far as that Yankee fan posting here... regardless of what's going on now with the Red Sox, they will make it to the post season and we'll happily see you there. I hope Jeter is ready to start playing golf early this year.

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