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February 12, 2006



good article on Gansett... I'm a big fan of Harpoon myself. i heard rumor they did a special brew for gammons getting in, but nothing more. and if you're in the market for a decent beer in CT, have a Hooker.


Nice to see something on the original Narragansett, the Sox and Curt Gowdy. Hopefully the new Narragansett will be a Rhode Island/New England beer once again (right now, it's made in Yankee territory). If you ever want any photos of Narragansett/Red Sox memorabilia from 1916-1968 to post on your web site, let me know. I too love the Sox, Beer and music (but like Ryan, who apparently knows his beer, favors a good Harpoon IPA). Cheers! Greg

Mark Lewis

I have a friend that would like to have some Narragansett Beer memorabilia (e.g. tin advertisements, posters, bottles or cans). Does anyone know how to contact someone that's willing to depart with some?

Steve Sexton

I vacation in Narragansett every summer and I also eat at the PortSide Restaurant in Galilee across from the Block Island Ferry. They got the best damn Seafood around. I find myself drinking Narragansett Beer when i vacation in gansett.

Mike Wonsik

Love the article! I am actually a college student and working with Narragansett Beer to devise a new marketing campaign (my teacher knows the owner well). In order to do so, I need to conduct some research about Narragansett Beer drinkers, so if possible, could anyone fill out my survey? Thanks!


I have a lighted Narragansett Beer sign for sale. It can be seen on craigslist western mass. if anyone is interested


The Narragansett sign has been sold


Hello out there...Old time rock n roll poster collector is looking for any original 1960's vintage concert posters on bob dylan,jimi hendrix,the rolling stones or the who.If you have any of these than please drop me a line or give me a call.I am a very very serious buyer,,,thanx!..310-346-1965




HELLO! Does anyone out there have any ORIGINAL 1960's concert posters on jimi hendrix,bob dylan,the who,the rolling stones,etc?? I am a big time buyer of that sort of material so if you happen to have anything than please give me a call! 310-346-1965

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